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We have provide Technical and Sales support worldwide operating under the umbrella of the GES Group for over 25 years from our four main company locations, each responsible for supporting sections of the Globe. The main locations are W+S Meßsysteme in Germany, Industrial Encoder Corp. in Canada, W+S Measuring Systems in the United Kingdom and our sales office W+S Meßsysteme in France.
GESGroup – Global Encoder Solution

You will find the right encoder, rotary encoder and optical measuring device for your application with us

GESgroup W+S Messsysteme GmbH, Humboldtstr. 11, 78549 Spaichingen, Deutschland

GESgroup: Incremental encoders and absolute encoders

Our top priority is to support our partners with all our knowledge in order to find the optimal solution for every application and to equip you with our high-quality products. The GESgroup can look back on many years of experience in the creative development, production and innovation of precise, optical encoders.

Our product range includes incremental rotary encoders, absolute single-turn and multi-turn rotary encoders, as well as commutation, cable pull and special rotary encoders of all kinds. Our explosion-proof and IP rotary encoders are also certified according to DIN EN ISO 80079-34.


W+S Messsysteme GmbH

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78549 Spaichingen


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